BiCO Jigs [bee-ko] are lead-free bass jigs that feature original stand-up designs. Their lead-free composition make them environmentally safe and meet the lead-law standards enforced in some states.

All of our jigs come equipped with OWNER hooks, the best hooks in the world. As always, BiCO Jigs are made in the USA, personally assembled by creator Bill Quattrucci Jr. to ensure the same level of quality he requires for himself.

Black Blue BICO Jig

The Original

The Original BiCO Jig was designed and perfected over 20 years ago. It’s a  3/8 oz lead-free bass jig designed to target bass in and around shallow cover.

It’s the ideal jig for fishing the bottom in heavily weeded areas, skipping under docks and low-hanging trees, and/or being used as a swim jig. It’s pointed head and stiff-fiber weedguard makes it come through weeds and cover remarkably well.

BiCO Baccarac Jig

The Baccarac Jig

The BiCO Baccarac Jig is designed to target deeper water. It’s currently still a prototype and will be going through initial testing starting on March 21st down at Lake Baccarac in Mexico.

We’re aiming to have it perfected and available by late spring in three sizes: 1/2 oz, 3/4 oz, and 1 oz. If you want to know when it becomes available, make sure you’re on our email list.