New BiCO Prototypes

After much trial and error, we finally have a couple of prototypes that we feel very good about. Introducing the new and improved…


BiCO Buzz Buzzbait



BiCO Bomb

We’ve spent many hours trying to get these baits perfect and now it’s time to put some miles on them. We will be fishing the buzzbait this spring/early summer and waiting for the weeds to thicken up to test the BoMB. If you want to know how the testing goes and further developments with these baits join our email list below!


2 thoughts on “New BiCO Prototypes

  1. I am very interested in the results of the BiCO BoMB. I would be interested in the sizes you are making them in also. I’m sure you have had many offers but I would certainly entertain the idea of testing them.

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