BiCO Pro Staff

Dan Southwick (D-South)

Dan Southwick Pro Staff

“Too many jig designs have poor hooks and weedguards that are too soft. That’s why I fish BiCO Jigs— they have the perfect combination of both.”

Joe Burchill

BiCO Pro Staff Joe Burchill

“I’ve been fishing BiCO Jigs for over a decade now and haven’t found a better all around jig for fishing shallow cover. It’s unique design will make jig fishermen of all skill levels more efficient on the water.”

Chris Apolito

Chris Apolito

“The BiCO Jig is a special bait the guys that fish them know it. While it’s obviously the best skipping jig out there, it also really shines as a swim jig.”

John Gonsalves 

“BiCO Jigs excel in areas where typical bass jigs would fail. The weedless factor allows for bait presentation where trophy bass hide and ambush. Its unique design is truly one of a kind.”

Jon Mederios

BiCO Pro Staff Jon Mederios

“I fish BiCO Jigs because they come through all types of cover better than any other jigs I’ve used. I hardly ever go fishing without one tied on.”