Bass Jigs Most Frequently Asked Questions

Bill is always answering questions from customers about his jigs and jig fishing in general, so we took the most frequently asked ones and decided to make a page dedicated to answering them. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here you can contact Bill thought the contact page.

Q. Do you recommend trimming the weed guard on a jig?

A. No, there is absolutely no advantage to trimming the weedguard, on my jigs anyway. I don’t miss any fish because of the weedguard and you need to be able to throw jigs into the thickest of cover and get it back. I’ve experimented with different length and diameter weedguards on my jigs over the years and found the one I am using now to be perfect.

Q. Do you recommend trimming the skirt on a jig?

A. I very rarely trim the skirts, but if I’m looking to slim down the profile a bit I will sometimes trim the skirt to slightly beyond the hook.

Q. What is the best color jig for bass?

A. In general I think color is way overrated. On any given day I would feel confident throwing any color jig we make. With that said, there are definitely days when bass will be favoring a certain color for whatever reason.

Even though I don’t put much stock in color, these are the colors I tend to lean towards in different water types. In extremely clear water, I like a more natural color like our Natural Craw or Green Pumpkin. In heavily stained water I really like our Chartreuse Craw or Junebug. In tannic water I like our Copper Craw.

Q. Why are your jigs lead free?

A. When I designed the Original BiCO Jig over twenty years ago, I wanted to achieve several things that using lead would not have allowed. I wanted a stand up design that skipped well and weighed 3/8 oz.

Q. Why Owner hooks only?

A. They are the best hooks made, not only are Owner hooks the sharpest hooks out of the package they stay sharp. Having anything less than a razor sharp hook will only result in lost or missed fish.

Q. What is the best line for jigs? What brand fishing line is the best?

A. Currently I am using XPS twenty pound fluorocarbon, I’ve used many different fluoro brands over the years and find that XPS is just as good as any of the high priced brands. I truly believe this, I fish Lake Baccarac in Mexico every year and if there was a shadow of a doubt that I could lose the fish of a lifetime I would spend the extra money.

Q. What kind of rod do you use for bass jigs?

A. I’ve used many high end rods over the years and I believe you definitely get what you pay for in a rod. In my opinion, a seven foot or longer rod with heavy power and fast to extra fast action tip is the best jig rod for bass.

Q. What are the best jig trailers? What do you use/recommend?

A. My number one choice for years was Strike King Pork Bo-Hawg Frogs, but they are no longer made. Now that I use soft plastics these are the jig trailers I use most.

Q. What is the best knot for a jig?

A. I always use a palomar knot

Q. Do you use scents?

A. Yes, I believe a scent can do nothing but help, and at times there can be a noticeable difference.

Q. What is the best time of year to use a jig?

A. Whenever I’m on the water. I believe there is no bad time of year to throw jigs, I’ve caught big bass in every month of the year in New England over the years.

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